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How do I become a print or on camera talent with Meredith?

Photos can be submitted by mail or email to with all vital statistics. The director and agents will review the photo, composite card, headshot with resume (if you have one) or demo tape and if we have an opening in your range you will be contacted for an appointment. We do not have an open door policy. It is by appointment only. Photos need to be a minimum of 4” x 6”, not to exceed an 8” x 10” and please send no more than 3 of your top images. Photos do not have to be professionally taken. Do not send Instagram photos, photos with food on your child’s face or black & white photos.

Children: Name, Date of Birth, Height, Weight, Clothing Sizes, Eye & Hair Color.
Women: Name, Height, Bust, Waist, Hips, Dress Size, Shoe, Hair & Eye Color.
Men: Height, Suit Size, Shirt (Neck/Sleeve), Waist, Inseam, Shoe, Hair & Eye Color.

Always be sure to include contact information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) with each submission. If someone recommended you include that name on the cover letter. Photo submissions become the property of Meredith Model & Talent and will not be returned.

I sent in my photos, have you received them?
All photos are reviewed once we receive them and if we have an opening in your range you will be contacted for an appointment. Interviews are scheduled when the directors schedule permits, so please be patient.

How do I become a voice over talent with Meredith?
VOICE OVER TALENT ONLY submit your demo & resume to If we have an opening for your type we will be in touch to discuss representation. Local talent will be called to schedule an in office appointment with our director.

What do I need to know about child modeling?
A child breaking into the modeling or acting profession needs a good head shot, a parent to get them where they need to go and a quality agent who teaches them the business. Modeling school is not a requirement.

Have you ever heard of XYZ agency?
It is company policy not to comment on any other talent or modeling agency. All agents are also instructed not to give out recommendations for doctors, dentists, lawyers, modeling schools etc.

Who are the companies you work with?
Please refer to our client list.